Geiger by Gustaf Skordeman

Format: Hardback

Published by: Zaffre


The landline rings as Agneta is waving off her grandchildren. Just one word comes out of the receiver: ‘Geiger’. For decades, Agneta has always known that this moment would come, but she is shaken. She knows what it means. 

Retrieving her weapon from its hiding place, she attaches the silencer and creeps up behind her husband before pressing the barrel to his temple. 

Then she squeezes the trigger and disappears – leaving behind her wallet and keys. 

The extraordinary murder is not Sara Nowak’s case. But she was once close to those affected and, defying regulations, she joins the investigation. What Sara doesn’t know is that the mysterious codeword is just the first piece in the puzzle of an intricate and devastating plot fifty years in the making

My Thoughts:

Firstly many thanks to the publisher for a proof copy.

Don’t want to say much about the plot-line per se or events which follow as this would spoil the readers enjoyment. It is though a wonderful blend of historical fact and fiction cleverly intertwined and brought to life on the page, as openings go it right up there for the unexpected, what then follows is a gripping spy thriller / police procedural as the hunt is on for the killer of tv personality Stellan Broman.

The plot line is certainly inventive and the story takes you in directions you weren’t quite expecting, sprinkled with flashbacks to the past which add context to the present day, certainly a book about the decisions we take and the consequences which follow. And how life’s can be forever changed.

The book is gripping and oozes drama and tension,you never quite know what to expect right up the end, a story which is multi layered which you have to unravel piece by piece

Sara Nowak is definitely one interesting character, caring and protective of her family but with definite trust issues as well as anger management, all combined to make for an absorbing read as she struggles to come to terms with the man who she loved as a child.

There is a lot to process whilst reading, however it does not confuse nor leave you feeling lost, it does however have plenty of twists and turns, this is one compelling and satisfying read, and an accomplished debut novel.

It draws the reader in from the opening pages and doesn’t let go,would recommend


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