Anthrax Island by D L Marshall

Format: Paperback

Published by: Canelo


FACT: In 1942, in growing desperation at the progress of the war and fearing invasion by the Nazis, the UK government approved biological weapons tests on British soil. Their aim: to perfect an anthrax weapon destined for Germany. They succeeded.

FACT: Though the attack was never launched, the testing ground, Gruinard Island, was left lethally contaminated. It became known as Anthrax Island.

Now government scientists have returned to the island. They become stranded by an equipment failure and so John Tyler is flown in to fix the problem. He quickly discovers there’s more than research going on. When one of the scientists is found impossibly murdered inside a sealed room, Tyler realises he’s trapped with a killer.

My Thoughts:

It is slightly difficult to give my exact thoughts without giving any plot line or spoilers and I am not going to spoil the enjoyment of reading for others,

This is a book which just oozes tension and drama, the pacing is relentless, the anticipation heightened on every page.

Set on the remote Gruinard Island, desolate and barren and with Anthrax spores at every turn, thanks to the authors writing you can feel the desolation and isolation in which the scientists are working, wonderfully descriptive in its bleakness the authors portrays an Island as central to the plot as any of the characters. As for the characters themselves they come fully formed on the pages, each seemingly carrying secrets. John Tyler certainly has a few flaws and is character who you would like to know more about his past

You get a real sense of place such that you can almost feel yourself there as the action unfolds

The storyline moves along with plenty of twists and turns and constantly takes you off in different directions, there may not be many characters, but don’t bother trying to guess the killers identity, the author cleverly uses mis direction to keep you on your toes

One thing which is apparent as you read is the authors research, critical in making the plot believable

A classic locked room Murder mystery, the writing is taut and intense, story telling at its finest

It is a book which left me breathless as I finished reading,adrenaline fuelled from the opening pages until the dramatic finale

You can’t help but be drawn into the book, a story which has all the key elements into making one action filled adventure

An outstanding debut novel, it has been compared to the writings of Alistair Maclean and you can see why, it is that good. Definitely an author to watch out for.


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