Protector by Conn Iggulden

Format: Hardback\

Published by: Michael Jospeh

One of the finest Historical Fiction writers, rich in detail, vivid in its portrayal


Set in the bloody, brutal world of Ancient Persia, an age of ever-shifting loyalties and epic battles. Witness the rise and fall of the world’s greatest empire.

My Thoughts:

Firstly many thanks to the publishers for a proof copy.

Following on from The Gates of Athens, Conn Iggulden takes you on a journey as immense as the writing. As the Persians have finally come to destroy a burning Athens, leaders must rise up and risk all. It is difficult to appreciate the sheer size of the forces on both side, however the author manages to create scenes and images which portray the epic scale of the battles.

The characters are all wonderfully brought to life on the pages, giving you a real sense of who they were, you get a real sense of place as you read the book, the passages are so descriptive, the telling of the story so vivid.

The book is packed with action scenes, relentless in its telling, the story flows at a cracking pace.

This is a thoroughly compelling read, and one where you are instantly drawn into this ancient world, it is an addictive absorbing read, a glorious portrayal of the ancient world, one of those books where the author manages to create an atmosphere where you as the reader feel yourself immersed into the story lurking in the background watching as the action unfolds.

It is well worth reading the authors notes as these give an extra depth, dimension and understanding to the story.

Will definitely appeal to those who read Historical fiction but also to those who love an epic tale told in all its glory.


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