Don’t Let Him In by Howard Linskey

Format: Paperback

Published by: Penguin Random House

An Author Guaranteed To Deliver a Cracking Read


Eriston is a small town.

It’s the kind of place where everyone knows your name – and your secrets.

Rebecca hasn’t been back in years, but she grew up in the shadow of the dark local legend. There have always been deaths in Eriston – more than can easily be explained. People dying in their houses, behind locked doors.

Her father Sean had always warned her of the dangers. Don’t let him in.

When Rebecca returns, she discovers that her father wasn’t willing to let the legend lie. He was on the verge of uncovering the town’s darkest truth.

He thought he was on the trail of a killer.
Sean knew too much. Now he’s dead.

Rebecca could accept her father’s death.
Or she could risk her life by carrying on his work . . .

My Thoughts:

Following the death of her Father Rebecca Cole has returned to Eriston to discover the truth surrounding his death and uncover secrets some would like kept hidden.

As I have come to expect from Howard Linskey this is a terrific thriller with elements which border on the down right creepy (lock your doors), read with one eye looking over your shoulder, wonderfully descriptive, oozing tension and dripping in atmosphere

As much as this book is plot driven it is also rich in character and that for me made the story, you can easily relate to the characters and their stories, each superbly brought to life on the page. Rebecca comes across as a strong independent women who will leave no stone unturned to discover the truth. Equally important is the town of Eriston you get a real sense of place, a town we all know run down and neglected by years of under investment, a town in decline except for one thing the murder rate, the kind of place most would wish to leave and which some never can. A perfect setting for a book that provides plenty of chills.

The book moves in real time, clever and tight plotting which leads to several possibilities as to the killers identity, packed with plenty of suspense and intrigue

Thanks to the authors seemingly easy writing style you can feel yourself there as the action unfolds

It’s not easy to try and the second guess the outcome the book is cleverly peppered with red herrings and subtle changes in plot twists

Once you start this books you instantly need to keep reading to understand who the killer is and why. The ending is intense and sublime.

This is a highly compelling read which will grab you from the opening pages and definitely not let go.

I have been a long time admirer of Howard Linskeys books, each different with one exception, all are cracking and entertaining reads

Highly recommend, along with the authors previous books.


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