Resilience by Bogdan Hrib

Format: Paperback

Published by: Corylus Books


Stelian Munteanu has had enough of fixing other people’s problems: all he wants to do is make the long-distance relationship with his wife Sofia work.

But when a notorious Romanian businessman asks him to investigate the death of his daughter in the north of England, he reluctantly gets involved once more. This time it turns into a tangled web of shady business dealings and international politics.

Moving rapidly between London, Newcastle, Bucharest and Iasi, Resilience shows just how easy and dangerous it is to fall prey to fake news and social media manipulation.

My Thoughts:

Firstly many thanks to the publisher for sending me a proof copy and for inviting me to be part of the blog tour.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable part crime part geopolitical thriller, with a veritable cast of characters.

The action moves seamlessly between the UK and Romania, Stelian Munteanu journalist and investigator has been called upon to investigate the death of a young girl in South Shields, an interesting character not a typical investigator, in fact all of the characters within the book are superbly written each brought to life on the page, it is fair to say that intrigue abounds and that not everyone is who they appear to be. There any many shady characters and that adds that element that you never now quite where you stand.

As the book moves more into the political sphere here the author clearly has a depth knowledge and understanding of the region and this come across and adds a great depth to the story, the plot is ingenious and cleverly constructed in blending crime and political elements seamlessly into a slick read

You can feel a real sense of place and the landscape not only geographically but politically to give that authenticity required to make the reader immerse themselves into the storyline.

Often told from differing characters point of view you don’t get lost or lose the thread it’s all wonderfully knitted together

In any book in translation a mention must go to the translator Marina Sofia

I only discovered after reading that this is the 6th in the series but the first to be translated into English, however it does read as a standalone, I certainly look forward to reading the rest of the series

From the opening pages you are instantly drawn into a world of crime and intrigue

This is a highly enjoyable read and a welcome addition to my crime reading


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