The Whistle Blower by Robert Peston

Format: Hardback

Published by: Zaffre Books

A Political thriller, compelling and engaging, hard to put down


1997: A desperate government clings to power: a hungry opposition will do anything to win. Gil Peck watches from the sidelines, a respected commentator of the sport of power politics. He thinks he knows how things work, he thinks he knows the rules.

But when Gil’s estranged sister Claire dies in a hit and run, he begins to believe it was no accident. Claire knew some of the most sensitive secrets in government. One of them might have got her killed

My Thoughts:

This was a somewhat addictive read, difficult to put down it keeps you hooked into a world of Political intrigue

Following the death of his sister, Gil Peck sets out to try to uncover the truth behind her death and just what she knew, this leads to the highest corridors of power where no one can be trusted and the the truth at time seems blurred.

Gil is at times an unscrupulous character driven to get the front page story, though it is difficult not to take an instant like to the man, as much as this book is about the plot, it is the characters and the way that they they are written and portrayed that shine, you can easily relate to these on some level.

As the story moves forward and the plot starts to unfold, you get that sense that some will stop at nothing, the book is wonderfully paced as Election Day looms, the narrative rich in its descriptive passages, gives a real feeling for the times, packed with plenty of twists and turns, your never quite sure in which direction the story will take you or what the outcome will be

Money, power and greed, It is a story evocative of the times and the period, rich in plot and sub plot, the book raises plenty of questions along the way some of which are left unanswered as the truth does not always come out, the overall feel of the story and plot are one of intrigue and mystery. In the corridors of power who can you trust

As political thrillers go this is up there with the best and you can see that the author through his career brings all his knowledge to the fore, it instantly grabs you from the opening pages

Would definitely recommend for those who like a thriller well told with a story that packs a punch


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