No Way To Die By Tony Kent

A thriller for todays time, an author at the top of their game,

dripping in nail biting tension

Format: Hardback

Published By: Elliott & Thompson


When traces of a radioactive material are found with a body in Key West/Florida, multiple federal agencies suddenly descend on the scene. This is not just an isolated murder; a domestic terrorist group is ready to bring the US government to its knees. 

The threat hits close to home for ISB Agent Joe Dempsey when he discovers a personal connection to the group. With his new team member, former Secret Service agent Eden Grace, Dempsey joins the race to track down the bomb before it’s too late. But when their mission falls apart, he is forced to turn to the most unlikely of allies: an old enemy he thought he had buried in his past. 

Now, with time running out, they must find a way to work together to stop a madman from unleashing horrifying destruction on one of the pillars of American democracy.

My Thoughts:

Spoiler Free

Firstly many thanks to the publishers for very kindly sending me a proof copy, this was one of my most highly anticipated reads, having read the authors previous books I knew I was in for a terrific read, it was more than that though

This is the 4th thriller by the highly acclaimed Tony Kent, following on from Killer Intent, Marked For Death and Power Play which are all outstanding reads, however, with No Way To Die the writing is taken to another level. A thriller perfectly pitched for todays times

The story takes the reader on somewhat of a roller coaster ride, with the twists and turns you would expect from a thriller, like the best thriller writers however, this is so much more than just all out gung ho action, the narrative throughout is strong each chapter written and pitched not only to build up the suspense but move the plot forward, to take the reader on a journey.

As much as the book is driven by the plot, it is also very much about character, here the author portrays characters who you can invest with, an undeniable sense of realism, not just written to enhance the plot thread at the time, but fully rounded, whist this a Joe Dempsey novel it is the characters around him who add that extra dimension and make the book what it is, two in particular Eden Grace and Sergio Vega, thanks to the writing you can picture these in your head, know that their traits, actions and decisions they take have that sense of believability.

As for the plot, yes you get twists and turns but more the book takes off in directions you hadn’t thought about, your never sure what to expect, frequently you get the unexpected, this is where the author excels in making this an outstanding read, to keep the reader on their toes. The story feels fresh and invigorating,

The book at times has nail biting tension and oozes with adrenaline and drama fuelled pages. The overall feel and tone of the book is one of a highly accomplished and finely polished thriller. In someways it has Hollywood blockbuster written all over it.

It is somewhat difficult to do justice to the book its that good, you just have to read and discover it for yourself. It is a dangerous world out there and Tony Kent brings that out on the page.

With No Way To Die, Tony Kent has given the reader a book strong not only in plot but character at the same time cemented his place as one of todays foremost thriller writers

I cannot recommend this highly enough, not only one of the years top reads, but one of the best thrillers of recent times


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