The New Kingdom by Wilbur Smith and Mark Chadbourn

Format: Hardback

Published: Zaffre

Prepare to be transported back to Ancient Egypt in an epic adventure


In the city of Lahun, Hui lives an enchanted life. The favoured son of a doting father, and ruler-in-waiting of the great city, his fate is set. But behind the beautiful façades a sinister evil is plotting. Craving power and embittered by jealousy, Hui’s stepmother, the great sorceress Ipsetnofret, and Hui’s own brother Qen, orchestrate the downfall of Hui’s father, condemning Hui and seizing power in the city.

Cast out and alone, Hui finds himself a captive of a skilled and powerful army of outlaws, the Hyksos. Determined to seek vengeance for the death of his father and rescue his sister, Ipwet, Hui swears his allegiance to these enemies of Egypt. Through them he learns the art of war, learning how to fight and becoming an envied charioteer.

But soon Hui finds himself in an even greater battle – one for the very heart of Egypt itself. As the pieces fall into place and the Gods themselves join the fray, Hui finds himself fighting alongside the Egyptian General Tanus and renowned Mage, Taita. Now Hui must choose his path – will he be a hero in the old world, or a master in a new kingdom?

My Thoughts:

Firstly many thanks tot he publishers for a copy of the book and for inviting me to be part of the blog tour

This is a highly anticipated and welcome return to the series on Ancient Egypt and boy did it live up to my expectations.

It is a first class collaboration between two fine authors who have combined to bring together an epic tale

The book centres around Hui a boy on a journey to becoming a man and the trials and tribulations he must endure.

In someways this is a story of love, betrayal, honour and courage, as Hui searches within and seeks revenge for the death of his father

Wilbur Smith is an author who when reading his books evokes and paints a vivid picture of the landscape and the times in the mind of the reader and here with Mark Chadbourn The New Kingdom is no different, wonderful passages and narrative bring Egypt to life and gives the reader a real sense of place, combined with characters who you can invest your time with, its like the authors have brought the pages to life in the readers minds eye

Character has always played a large part in the novels and to have Hui take a leading role in the book where he requires guile, cunning and a quick wit, with a veritable array of characters written in such a way that you can believe in them. It also wonderful to have Taita return

The plot moves seamlessly along and again thanks to the writing you have a feel for the battles that Hui must endure and survive, as it builds to the finale

One thing you are guaranteed when you read a Wilbur Smith novel is that you will be taken on an journey filled with wonder and adventure. Egypt is a place somewhat divided as those that seek to plot and invade, again you get that feel for the period

This has given me a thirst to re read the previous novels in the series.

You do not need to have read any of the previous books it is easily reads as a standalone, highly recommend for those who love a great adventure superbly told. You will be drawn into the authors world from the opening gripping pages

I have been lifelong fan of Wilbur Smiths works always guaranteed to bring you a read full of epic adventures


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