SAS Bravo Three Zero by Des Powell and Damien Lewis

Format: Hardback

Published By: Quercus

A book that needed to be written. A book that deserves to be read. A book that needs to be read


There were three patrols that fateful January 1991 morning: Bravo One ZeroBravo Two Zero and Bravo Three Zero. It was the opening hours of the Gulf War and the SAS were flown deep behind enemy lines to hunt down Saddam’s Scud missiles, the use of which threatened a Third World War.

The men of Bravo One Zero stepped off the chopper, took one look at the flat desert devoid of any cover and decided no way were they deploying into all of that. But Andy NcNab’s famed Bravo Two Zero patrol did deploy, with fatal results – all bar one being captured or killed.

And then there was Bravo Three Zero. These men were different. Thought differently. Acted differently. Treating as gospel the SAS’s saying ‘any fool can be uncomfortable’, they deployed with vehicles, and while there was nowhere to hide they could make a dash for the border if desperate.

Even as warnings came in that McNab’s patrol was on the run, Bravo Three Zero remained undetected – the furthest Coalition forces behind Iraqi lines. Slipping through enemy positions, a string of targets were taken out. But with the desert turning bitter and snow starting to fall, they were forced to fight a running battle against the elements as much as the enemy.

Though overshadowed by the fate of Bravo Two Zero, the achievements of this highly-decorated patrol are the stuff of elite forces legend. Now, for the first time, SAS veteran Des Powell reveals their story in gritty, blow-by-blow detail. Written with acclaimed military author Damien Lewis, this is a tale of edge-of-the seat daring deep inside enemy lands. Brutal, savage, unrelenting – prepare to be blown away, in a tale that proves utterly the SAS motto – who dares wins,

My Thoughts:

This is not my ordinary type of read, however, I feel as though my reading experiences have been enriched for having read.

It is difficult to put down in words my thoughts on reading this. It is more than a story of courage or bravery in the face of adversity. It is though a compelling read and a reminder of the sacrifices made by others

Sitting reading this in the comfort of your home, thanks to the writing which is so descriptive and brings things vividly to life on the page, you do get the slightest smidge of what it takes to be in the SAS, and the kind of person you have to be, one can only guess at the physical and mental stresses that must be undertaken and marvel those who serve

This is the untold story of the bravo teams in the first Gulf War and in particular Bravo Three Zero written with first hand knowledge of the events leading up to the operation and during.

Don’t under estimate what was endured, unfortunately for some the biggest sacrifice of all. Reading through the book you have to be amazed and in awe that Des Powell is actually around to tell his story

To some degree you get the feeling that the mission was rushed and somewhat ill prepared with a lack of vital equipment. You do though get a real sense of teamwork, camaraderie and team bonding all knowing what they expect of each other, how important it must have been to keep up morale, some of the decisions made you feel must have been anguished over, even though some of these seem simple, lives are dependant on them

This is not a book of self congratulatory glory written for the sake of it. It is an account of one one the pivotal moments in world history. Des Powell is clearly an extraordinary man as are those who he served with, he comes across in the book as a person of honour and integrity,

In part the book is autobiographical of Des Powells life it gives a sense of his upbringing and utter determination to succeed, where most would fail

This is a story that needed to told, a story that deserves to be read, a story that needs to be read, a story which makes you stop, think and remember

I would hope that we may be able to read more about the exploits of Des Powell, to be able to spend some time in this mans company would be some experience

The book is written with feeling and through the darkest of times there are moments of humour and real human emotion

I am so pleased to have the opportunity to read this and to reflect

Cannot recommend this book enough, you need to read it for yourself


About the Authors:

After serving in the Parachute Regiment, Sergeant Major Des Powell spent twenty years in the SAS at the heart of the Counter Terrorism and Special Projects teams. A former PT instructor in 1 PARA, he became the Unarmed Combat and Fitness instructor for B Squadron, and pioneered HALO, HAHO and other covert airborne entry techniques. He was the second-in command of the Bravo Three Zero patrol in 1991

Damien Lewis, is a Sunday Times no 1 bestselling author whose books have been translated into forty languages worldwide. For twenty years Damien worked as a war and conflict reporter for the world’s major broadcasters, reporting across Africa, South America, the Middle East and Far East winning numerous awards. Several of his books are being made into feature films. SAS Bravo Three Zero continues Damien’s iconic elite forces series: Churchill’s Secret Warriors, The Nazi Hunters, Hunting The Nazi Bomb, SAS Ghost Patrol, SAS Italian Job, SAS Shadow Raiders, SAS Band of Brothers and SAS Great Escapes.

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