Nothing Like The Truth by Nigel Lithman QC

Format: Paperback and ebook

When a defendant swears ‘to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’, most judges and barristers believe their evidence will be ‘nothing like the truth’

Who can blame them? During the years of exposure to a daily diet of murder and mayhem, lies and liars, they’ve heard it all before.

My Thoughts:

Having no legal background or particular interest in the legal system, I wasn’t sure how I was going to find the book, however, I do have an interest in reading memoirs.

What I found was an engaging and amusing story sprinkled throughout with a dry sense of humour, told in an entertaining way. You get some small sense of what being a leading barrister and judge entails and the trials and tribulations they face on a daily basis

Mixed with anecdotal tales , it makes for a highly enjoyable read, it does get bogged down in legal terminology, which makes it perfect for those who like to read tales of those who have a tale to tell.

It does at times touch on important topics and you certainly get a feel for the judicial system and those who work in and around it again all told is an easy style

This is not just one mans memoirs of a life at the bar, but in someways also a look at the judicial system and the criminals you meet along the way

Told in a somewhat irreverent way they are moments which had me laughing out loud to myself, I get the feeling that to spend time in his company would lead to one entertaining evening, comes across in the book as a born storyteller

In truth once you start reading it is difficult to put down, the only issue it does leave you wanting to hear more tales from the bar

Would definitely recommend, it is a fascinating and absorbing read.


About the Author:

Nigel Lithman QC is well known among his peers as a fearless advocate, fair-minded judge and funny man. Exasperated with the criminal justice system, he successfully led the Criminal Bar in its only strike against the government

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