The Code by M Sean Coleman

Format: Paperback

Published By: Red Dog Press

Electrifying and pulsating, a smart and intense techno thriller


Welcome to the Dark Web—the underbelly of the internet that no regular search engine explores. The place where you can buy anything—drugs, children, weapons, secrets. Anyone can do it and get away scott free. Untraceable, anonymous, unaccountable.
Scott Mitchell works at the National Cyber Crime Unit in London, doing his best to bring the worst criminals to justice. He doesn’t always win. His alter ego, Strider, on the other hand, is not bound by any of the restrictions Scott faces in his day job, and he has a more than intimate knowledge of the Dark Web.
When the head of a national security firm dies in a mysterious accident on the same night his company suffers the biggest hackthey’ve ever faced, Scott is brought in to help investigate. But Scott—or Strider—already knows exactly who killed the company boss, and why. The hard part is trying to keep that secret.

My Thoughts:

A new author to me, but boy what an electrifying read, combines all the ingredients to make a perfect thriller, guaranteed to keep the reader enthralled.

Slick, fast paced with a plot which is both wonderfully structured and superbly executed on the page. I’m as far away from a computer person as you can get and whilst the plot centres around the dark web and cyber crime it is written in a way that it made no difference to my reading or enjoyment, it doesn’t get bogged down in techno babble

The characters written in a way that you can easily relate to and believe in them, showing a human side, Mitchell/Strider although the same person each persona so different in their views and actions it made for a really interesting read especially as the book moved forward and the subtle changes in character

Ably supported by Rebecca McDonald brought into assist in the investigation, strong and fearless whatever danger she faces

The plot moves seamlessly forward and gathers pace as the chase begins, leaves you wondering who is who and are they what they appear to be, its an exhilarating and fast paced read, full of tension and heightened drama,mixed with moments where you want hold your breath, does the hunter become the hunted, or the hunted the hunter, the twists are all there to keep you in suspense, as the action unfolds and you race to the ending which is simply sublime.

The whole premise of the book screams read me, this is a most satisfying read which I would highly recommend perfect for any fan of the thriller which will keep you on your toes

You are instantly drawn in, and then find it hard to put down

An author whose other works I eagerly look forward to reading

Red Dog bring us the reader the best in crime, mystery and thriller and The Code fits that perfectly


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