The Genesis Inquiry by Olly Jarvis

A pulsating read sprinkled with heart in the mouth moments, a rollercoaster of a read

Format: Paperback

Published by: Hobeck Books


Is there one last undiscovered, great truth?

A moment zero, a place in time that links all cultures and creeds.

A revelation that will unite us all and change the way we see history forever.

Brilliant but burnt-out barrister Ella Blake accepts an apparently simple brief: investigate the mysterious disappearance of an African American polymath from his rooms at Cambridge University. The Inquiry quickly becomes the greatest challenge of her life – solving the mystery of Genesis.

Facing danger at every turn, can Ella find the answers to the riddles and clues left by the missing genius?

Reunited with her estranged daughter, the Inquiry sends them on a quest across the world and through ancient texts.

What is the secret that binds us all?

Who is behind the dark forces that will stop at nothing to prevent the world from knowing the truth?

My Thoughts:

I need to keep this spoiler free, so as not spoil the readers enjoyment

I found this to be a bit of blockbuster read, although Ella is a QC this is not legal thriller in the normal sense as the action does not take place in the courtroom, more a high concept thriller

In someways a deeply layered thriller, but one I quickly became absorbed in and found difficult to put down, has a little bit of everything. What on paper starts out as innocent inquiry into finding a missing person quickly escalates into a dangerous race against time.

As our main protagonist it is quite easy to relate to Ella as a person, clearly troubled by events in her past and estranged from her daughter, yet you can somehow relate and believe in her, as for the other characters in the book, your’e never quite sure they are who they say they are or which side they are on, even when you have convinced yourself you know them, there’s still that nagging doubt, this is where the author has excelled with the way story is written to keep the reader guessing as to what will happen next. The author has crafted characters to show their human side, packed with emotion

The book packs many a punch and has plenty of twists and turns and moments of pure suspense and drama, as the pages roll by the tension is only heightened

The pace of the book is frenetic and the story moves quickly between locations as time is most definitely not on Ellas side. The plotting is intricate with a keen eye for detail, with the story wonderfully woven together, thanks to the writing though you don’t lose any of strands within, nor does it become bogged down, like a great river it just flows

Theories abound and clues are unravelled, what is Genesis? Should the truth be uncovered?

It is one of those you reads where you tell yourself just one more chapter but have to keep going

Will keep you on the edge of your seat from the opening pages until the dramatic and nail biting finale, packed with all the ingredients that make for a great thriller. Highly recommend


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