The Body Man by Eric P Bishop

A stunning debut thriller, a story that packs a punch and delivers a terrific read

Format: Hardback

Published by: Force Poseidon


Who protects the secrets of the Presidency? The Body Man.And he’s vanished without a trace.

In a town that’s obsessed with dark secrets, where the currency of power is information, The White House has kept a huge one for decades. Charged with the task of protecting and defending the Office of the Presidency from threats both outside and in, the keeper of secrets-the Body Man-has been in the shadows since the 1960s.

The Body Man has been a unique protector of American presidents ever since a previous well-known president used the first Body Man to usher women, diplomats, and other heads of state into the White House via a secret tunnel. The Body Man is drawn from the Secret Service, but he isn’t on the classic protective detail, and he reports to no one. Once his term is over, he’s given a huge payout and a one-way ticket to anywhere on Earth. 

With a CIA conspiracy buff named Zed and The Body Man’s aged neighbor Rose, former US Army Ranger and FBI Special Agent Eli Payne and his new probationary agent Kat Stone must find the Body Man before it’s too late-and the trail may lead directly to the Oval Office itself.

My Thoughts:

Spoiler Free (you need to discover the delights of this book for yourself), just immerse yourself in of the finest thrillers of recent times

To start with this is an exceptional thriller, full of intrigue, drama and suspense. This does not read like a debut novel such is the standard and quality of the writing, There is a freshness about the whole feel of the book

Mystery and intrigue surround the disappearance of the Body Man, the plotting throughout is imaginative and cleverly constructed, the story told from differing characters view points which interweave and combine to bring the reader a multi layered thriller of the highest quality, subterfuge abounds

The book has moments of pure nail biting tension, the drama ratchets up with each chapter, you can feel the suspense build, the story just flows, the pace of the book is slick and fast, this is a race against time and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

In the corridors of power who can you trust and thanks to the authors writing your never quite sure who is who and to which side they necessarily belong but this just heightens the intrigue

As the you read on and race to the end, an ending which is equally as dramatic and revealing , you’re left with a sense of wow what have I just read, it’s breathtaking in combining all the elements which go into making a thriller

As much as this is an action thriller it would be nothing without the characters, here the authors brings us a veritable cast each wonderfully drawn out and brought to life on the page,you can believe in each, however, the with the main protagonists Eli Payne and Kat Stone you get a real sense of who they are and whilst Stone may be the newbie she is not written as such, she is her own person not afraid to give back and this is refreshing to see, you can see the mutual respect grow between the pair, they combine to make a team determined to seek out the truth and not to fail,

A book packed with full on action, characters which you can relate to, it has it all, there are some fantastic thrillers writers writing today and Eric P Bishop has already shown he is up there with the best

Cannot recommend this enough and definitely cannot wait to see what the author brings us next


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