My Top Ten Reads of 2021

Top Ten reads of 2021

Well it’s that time of the year when I start to agonise on which books to include in my top ten reads of 2021.

It has been another stellar reading year the quality has been exceptional, some of the debut reads were quite simply stunning.

As usual my top picks are books which have been published this year and are the books which entertained me the most which after all is the reason why I read, so not one to shy away from difficult decisions here goes.These are my standout reads.

10: Condemned by R C Bridgestock – Police Procedural with a terrific story with added realism.

9: Red Corona by Tim Glister- what a stunning debut

8: The Jigsaw Man by Nadine Matheson – Another debut with a stunning plot line

7: Don’t Let Him In by Howard Linskey – one of my go to authors, always guaranteed a first class read

6: The Stonebridge Mysteries by Chris McDonald – 5 novellas which have been a joy to read, one of the best series I’ve read

5: Good Girl by Mel Sherratt – Another firm favourite always delivers gritty crime

4: City of Vengeance by D V Bishop – Historical crime fiction at its finest

3: Anthrax Island by D L Marshall – Hard to believe this is a debut novel, a stunning locked room thriller

2: The Art of Death by David Fennell – Tense and superbly plotted

Drum Roll

1: No Way To Die by Tony Kent – A thriller that just had it all, masterclass in plotting, each chapter left you wanting more

Here’s to 2022 reads which is already lining up to be a great year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all

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