Panic Room by Robert Goddard

B18F7970-39C6-49B2-A161-48A0089D65C4.jpegHigh above a Cornish cove stands a vast, uninhabited, modern villa. Uninhabited except for Blake, a young woman of mysterious background, currently acting as house-sitter.

This is a high octane thriller of the highest quality full of mystery and sinister goings on. Be prepared to go on a helter skelter of a read with twists and turns to match as you career down to the ending.

Sent by his ex wife and lured by earning an easy £2000 to appraise a house in Cornwall, estate agent Don Challoner is about to be drawn into a world full of intrigue. Upon arrival he soon meets part time house sitter Blake, but as with a lot of this book she is not all she seems to be.

The house which belongs to Jack Harkness (a man who is wanted by the US government amongst others for fraud and the disappearance of a large sum of money) hides a secret, a Panic Room.

Things get interesting when Don is contacted by a couple of unsavoury characters, this encounter sets Don and Blake on a race and journey against time.

It is difficult to go into much detail without giving away spoilers and I would not wish to deprive the reader, suffice to say there are secrets to be uncovered and truths to be told

Interestingly written in the third person from Dons side and the first person from Blakes.

I have to say there is one short scene set in Birmingham which i felt unnecessary and really didn’t add to the story, however this didn’t  detract from the plot.

It would have been easy for the interplay between Don and Blake to have been one of a romantic nature but thankfully the author kept away from this, this is all about the story and plot line.

Robert Goddard is a master story teller and has come up here with a contemporary thriller perfect for todays world, fast paced certainly full on action yes, unputdownable you bet. You will soon get drawn into this world of intrigue thanks to the authors knack for the hooking  the reader, be prepared for a late night another classic page turner.

Exactly what secret does the Panic Room hide, there’s only one way to find out, read the book.

Highly recommend for those that like their thrillers full on


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