A Treachery of Spies by Manda Scott

D3D7C880-CE0F-4816-B8AF-EAD087901117.jpegAn elderly woman of striking beauty is found murdered in Orleans, France. Her identity has been cleverly erased but the method her deaths very specific: she has been killed in the manner of traitors to the resistance in World War Two.

Manda Scott has written a cleverly concepted Thriller set in the present day with its Roots firmly in the past.

Firstly many thanks to the publisher for a proof copy.

I know that I wont have the right words to do this book the justice it deserves.

20 pages in and I was hooked.

This is simply a sublime multilayered novel set both in 2018 but with its roots set during and after the 2nd World War and the French resistance and the SOE.

Beginning with the murder of an old lady, Captain Picant has the job of finding her killer, however, to do this she and her team must delve into the past and solve another mystery.

I don’t want to dwell on what follows or how the story unfolds you need to read this book for yourself .

Suffice to say Manda Scott has beautifully interwoven two narratives and blended them seamlessly together to craft and create a thriller of the highest quality and one that will appeal to both crime and historical fiction readers alike.

The action moves back and forth between the decades, however, such is the quality of the writing that at all times the story flows.

The characters are wonderfully well drawn and brought beautifully to life on the page, so much so you can feel yourself there with them living out the story as the drama unfolds.

As any good thriller shouldn’t will keep you on your toes and second guessing yourself.

The story and plotting, tension and pace of the story is spot on and will keep you engaged and mesmerised until the end.

This is a moving book which has at it heart, loyalty, friendship, deception, revenge, love and a sense of heroism. 

This is one of those books where you need to read and digest every word, every sentence such is the quality of the writing and story telling. 

This has big screen movie written all over it.

Highly recommend


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