Deadly Focus by R C Bridgestock

5E934827-9352-4626-851C-AFAAE272164A.jpegWhen a young girl disappears yards from where own front door, Detective Inspector Jack Dylan has to shelve his plans for a quiet Christmas with his partner, Jen.

Format: Paperback                                                       Publisher: The Dome Press

The real deal in Police procedurals.

Here we have the first in the DI Dylan series, opening with the disappearance of a young girl outside her home, Dylan takes up the case, unfortunately a body is soon discovered and a murder investigation begins.

If you want your police procedurals with that authentic feel then look no further. Read as an investigation unfolds with all those little nuances and procedures which aren’t always present, whilst still maintaining a thrilling and engaging read.

Share the heartache and anguish of what it feels to be a detective and the impact a murder investigation can have on their families and loved ones as well as the families of the victims.

Deadly Focus deals with a difficult subject and doesn’t try to sugar coat it but focuses on the impact and reality for all those concerned.

Working with Dylan Dawn is a wonderful foil for Dylan and they share a team dynamic, Dylan is a detective with compassion and feelings for those within his team, realising that it’s teamwork which will get results.

As well as leading the investigation, we see the consequences, strains and impact it has on Dylans relationship with Jen, here we have the human touch that the authors bring to the story.

The book is well plotted, the pacing whilst not fast paced is spot on for a real investigation, gripping and entertaining in equal measure. 

Written with the experience of a detective which brings all the realism to the fore, you know you’re getting all the experience on the pages.

When reading a police procedural I need to feel the reality, and R C Bridgestock are one of those who stand to the fore.

Combines the authenticity of an investigation with the human side and all that follows.

Highly recommend.



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