Tick Tock by Mel Sherratt

4F5E3C5D-1804-4CC2-9962-229AFF7528BE.jpegIn the city of Stoke, a teenage girl is murdered in the middle of the day and her lifeless body abandoned in a field behind her school.

Mel Sherratt is rightly at the forefront of today’s best crime writers.

Format: Paperback                                               Published: Avon Books

When a young girl is murdered in the middle of a school run this seems to be a random attack, however, a few days later a young woman is abducted and murdered, is there a link between the cases, is there a serial killer on the loose, there appears to be little to go on, enter DS Grace Allendale and her team brought in to investigate. So begins a slick and wonderfully crafted Police procedural.

In Tick Tock the reader is treated to an investigation happening in real-time, day by day in a race to find the killer before they strike again, where subject to all the little procedures that some others chose to ignore, this adds that extra feel and touch of authenticity.

We are also treated to wonderfully written, but more importantly believable characters, each adding that extra dimension to the story. Grace knows the importance of teamwork and of being a team player in bringing out the best to deliver the required results. We also get more of her relationship with Simon, a reporter for the local paper and his daughter

The author clearly has a deep affection and love for her home city and this shines throughout the book.

Due to the writing you can almost feel yourself in the thick of the action.

The pace of the book is spot on in not getting ahead of itself as the investigation moves forward, a superb and unexpected ending and one I didn’t see coming, the narrative is strong and powerful.

Be prepared to be gripped and hooked from the opening pages and more importantly hugely entertained in what will be one of the best reads of 2019

Mel Sherratt clearly knows her subject and weaves and paints a perfect picture of a police procedural.

I must admit to being a long time lover of the authors previous books, however, for me this is her best book to date and elevates her to forefront of todays crime writers



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