What Lies Beneath by Bill Kitson

Format: Paperback

Published By: Joffe Books

Opening with the discovery of two skeletons in a tarn in the middle of nowhere, who are they and how long have they been lying there, there is little for the Police to go on, until a chance discovery is made, soon more bodies will be discovered what links them and can the killers be brought to justice.

This is the first in a terrific crime series and In What Lies Beneath we are introduced to DI Mike Nash and his small team of detectives based in a small Yorkshire town, Nash is a caring and compassionate detective with a tenacity to get to the truth and get results, there is a wonderful working relationship with his fellow colleagues which helps to form a strong team bond.

Whilst set in a fictional town its clear where this is based and the rural landscape helps to play an important part in bringing the story to life.

The books plot deals with a somewhat difficult topic but handles it in a sensitive way, it is a gritty and compelling read with a strong narrative, wonderfully paced with plenty off twists and turns and suspense, one that you will find hard to put down.

The characters are beautifully drawn and well rounded and brought to life on the page, with more to be learnt about each in future books.

It is one of those that draws you in and hooks you from the opening pages.

Bill Kitson has crafted an addictive series that will go from strength to strength and is one i would highly recommend


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