Deep Dark Night by Steph Broadribb

Format: Paperback

Published by: Orenda Books

Electrifying high octane, Steph Broadribb knows how to ensnare the reader into her thriller filled world

The fourth in the highly acclaimed Lori Anderson series, see Lori in Chicago helping out FBI Agent Monroe for whom see owes a favour.

However, this is no simple favour for Lori has to set up a sting to ensnare and gather evidence that will trap the head of the local crime family Cabressa

The bait is a chess set that to Cabressa has priceless sentimental value. The sting to wear a camera to a high stakes Poker game where Lori has to go heads up with Cabressa or else face failure, the only problem she doesn’t play Poker. With the help of her partner JT she sets out to the penthouse suite of one of the largest buildings in Chicago unfortunately she has to go in alone whilst JT has to wait one floor below.

As the game progresses and nears the end the building along with rest of Chicago is plunged into darkness, think this is the beginning of the problems think again, as the room they are in also acts as a panic room and is locked down from the outside world, and then the problems really begin.

At this point I am not going to go any further into the plot line as I have no intention of spoiling anything for the reader.

This is a highly immersive read, adrenaline fuelled, the tension, drama and action are relentless. Here we have the main action literally taking place on a deep dark night, and Lori has to rely on all wits and skills to survive, overriding her one goal to survive is her daughter Dakota and the thought of not seeing her again.

We know that Lori is a strong independent character but she also has a vulnerable side and that is caring for her daughter and JT and this adds a wonderful dynamic to her story, but with this book Steph Broadribb has also created a veritable cast of eclectic characters all with secrets they would rather kept hidden but to survive the truth must out. It was also nice to JT playing more of a central role

The books paints an evocative picture of determination and the will and strength to survive. The scenes of the Poker game are both highly descriptive but full of tension and drama, pure Fleminguesque in their narrative, written to keep the reader on the edge of their seats.

The author knows how to to create scenes and chapters which only increase the tension and force you to keep on reading, you literally have to know what is going to happen next. I particularly liked the way that some of the chapters flitted between Loris problems and JTs own fight for survival. In parts there are scenes reminiscent of The Poseidon Adventure only not on a ship, jaw dropingly gripping.

From the opening pages the book hits the ground running, the author grabs the reader hooks and then draws you in. Slick and fast paced this is a thriller that has all the elements to make for a deeply immersive, richly drawn and more importantly highly enjoyable reading experience.

For me this is the best so far in what has been a superb series by an author that knows how to entertain and that is why I read.

For me this is one of the reads of the year by one of todays foremost thriller writers and one I cannot recommend highly enough.


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