Good Girl by Mel Sherratt

Format: Paperback

Published by: Avon

One of todays foremost crime writers, delivers a knockout read every time


When sixteen-year-old Erin Ellis is attacked, she dies in the arms of her best friend Molly, just metres from her home. Molly is the surviving girl but says she easily could have been the victim – it was a random mugging gone wrong.

With inconclusive evidence, DS Grace Allendale must dig deep within the tight-knit Stoke community for leads. And she soon finds that someone had a motive to kill Erin.

As the investigation unfolds, Grace is reminded of a horrifying case she worked on earlier in her career.

Is the past coming back to haunt her? And can she push through her fear to catch Erin’s killer before it’s too late?

My thoughts:

Book 4 in the Grace Allendale series, a series which goes from strength to strength. Whilst this is book 4 it easily reads as a standalone.

Mel Sherratt knows how to write Police procedurals and Good Girl has all the elements which make for a book full of gritty realism. Written with heart and with feeling

The plot line centres around what could be a difficult subject but doesn’t seek to glorify it, beginning as it does with the Murder of sixteen year old Erin Ellis, with at first little to go on, enquiries start to lead to an uncomfortable truth as to what led up to the murder, a truth some would prefer remained secret. Current day chapters are cleverly interweaved with those involving Erins recent past giving an extra dimension both to the characters and the plot.

The pace of the story is spot on for a Police procedural so that the reader gets a feel for the investigation as it happens in real time and all that encompasses.

As you might expect with this being book 4, the main characters are pretty much fully formed, one aspect of Graces character which I particularly like is a certain vulnerability and an inner struggle with her emotions, especially when dealing with her estranged family. One thing I have come to expect from the author is characters who you believe in and relate to, this is the case here. Mel Sherratt knows how to write characters which enhance the whole feel and tone of the book. You can have a great plot but without well written and well rounded characters the book is nothing.

A book which grabs the readers interest from the opening pages and doesn’t let go. The ending when it comes is dramatic and tension filled. The author cleverly ties things up from the overall story arc of the previous books in the series in a satisfying conclusion,

There is plenty of twists along the way and the book is packed with suspense and drama, sprinkled as always with the authors gritty realism. A powerful portrayal of family life and the truth that cannot always be recognised

I often feel when I am reading the authors novels that there is a large slice of social commentary going on and how certain decisions can affect a whole family and community, again all adding to the realism that exists all around us, and importantly making for a terrific read.

I have long been a fan of Mel Sherratts books, a go to author who I know will deliver a knockout read and Good Girl is certainly that.

Highly recommend


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