Deep Cover by Leigh Russell

Format: Paperback

Published By: No Exit Press


A sex worker dies in suspicious circumstances in York. As Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel tries to stay focused on the investigation her partner, Ian Peterson, risks his own life working undercover in London. A second victim is discovered in York while, unknown to Geraldine, Ian is attacked by a sadistic psychopath.

My Thoughts:

Whilst this is the 16th book in the Geraldine Steel series the author manages to keep it feeling fresh with a cleverly constructed plot line.

You have in this book two storylines as Ian Peterson has been sent undercover to London under the pretext of smashing a drugs ring. Meanwhile back in York the body of a sex worker is discovered in suspicious circumstances, leading Geraldine and her team to investigate. Personally I found this to be the most interesting of the 2 plot lines due to not only the initial nature of the incident but those which followed. Here the author manages to take an innocent incident and weave together a story where the actions and consequences of one individual can slowly unravel and escalate into the ultimate of conclusions. Could the outcome have been different, would the truth have been believed, in someways it is a story of morality and the lies that then have to be told and living with consequences of those actions.

Ian meanwhile has to face up to some difficult decisions of his own, ones that quite literally can mean life or death, however Ian has own agenda in play, the stakes are high and Ian is prepared to risk all.

The plotting of the book is spot on and the story moves in real time so you get that sense of realism, packed with plenty of heightened drama, the tension never relaxes and your never quite sure of the outcome.

I found it strange in someways to feel some sympathy for Thomas Hill but this is down to the authors writing, if only circumstances had been different….

Don’t feel as though you necessarily need to have read any of the previous book, it won’t spoil your enjoyment, this easily reads as a standalone, although I am sure after reading you will want to go back and rectify this as this is a particularly immersive series

A book and story premise that grab you from the get go.

A cracking Police Procedural which will appeal to all and one I would definitely recommend


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