Persecution by R.C. Bridgestock

Format: Paperback

Published by: Canelo

Police procedurals with that feel of authenticity


Lock your windows. Lock your door. And don’t look outside…
At the local university a series of incidents is raising alarm. Someone is breaking into students bedrooms through the windows.

But things get even more serious when a corpse is discovered on the outskirts of town. DI Charley Mann, dealing with her own problems, is drafted in to investigate. At first there doesn’t seem to be a connection, but Charley suspects otherwise.

Following the evidence draws Charley into a web of shady local characters struggling at the margins. It seems the break-ins are no random event. Worse, more lives are at stake.

On her own, and facing a stand off, Charley will have to find a way through. It’s either that, or more people will die…

My Thoughts:

The third in the DI Charley Mann series and for me the best to date,

When a female student at the local university wakes up to find a man standing at the end of her bed, security don’t take her claims seriously, fortunately Charley Mann does, soon a body of a homeless person is discovered near by, seemingly unlinked the police begin to investigate.

At the heart of the story as we have become familiar reading their previous books is that real feel of authenticity thanks to their personnel experiences combined with an ability to tell a story that is always fresh and always superbly told.

A wonderful mix for the finer details there to give that real feel of police work, but not at the expense of taking away from a great story which is at the heart of the book

Wonderfully plotted and executed on the page Persecution has plenty of twists, you can feel that the story moves in real time as an investigation would

One thing that always shines through when reading are the characters and the way they are portrayed, and come fully rounded on the page, Team work is clearly important and Charley understands how to motivate and get the best out of her team, she is is however no ones fool, strong and determined to uncover the truth for the victims. You always get a sense and feel for the characters human sides when reading

As the investigation continues and moves along, the drama and tension build as things reach their conclusion, the ending doesn’t disappoint

Plotting, character and landscape all play their part in making for a highly enjoyable and satisfying read

You don’t have to have read the previous books in the series, though i suspect once you have read this you will want to

This will appeal to all fans of police thrillers and highly recomend


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