Gods of Rome by Simon Turney and Gordon Doherty

Format: Hardback

Published By: Head of Zeus


312 AD is a year of horrific and brutal warfare. Constantine’s northern army is a small force, plagued by religious rivalries, but seemingly unstoppable as they invade Maxentius’ Italian heartlands. These relentless clashes, incidents of treachery and twists of fortune see Maxentius’ armies driven back to Rome.

Constantine has his prize in sight, yet his army is diminished and on the verge of revolt. Maxentius meanwhile works to calm a restive and dissenting Roman populace. When the two forces clash in the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, there are factors at work beyond their control and soon they are left with carnage.

There is only one way Constantine and Maxentius’ rivalry will end. With one on a bloodied sword and the other the sole ruler of Rome..

My Thoughts:

Firstly many thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy of the book to review and for inviting me to be part of the blog tour.

The third in the acclaimed series, and the final battle between Maxentius and Constantine. This is one epic tale told in such an engaging and entertaining way, masterly storytelling by two wonderful authors, authors who clearly know their subject matter and this shines on the page.

Each chapter told from alternating characters, each portrayed to show their human side and endure troubles and inner turmoil as they deal with the conflicts ahead, they are superbly written and brought to life, each determined to succeed, each facing enemies within.

The writing is vivid and descriptive of the period and brings everything to life, you’ll find yourself transported back in time. You find yourself swaying back and forth as to how you think the story should end, as the characters stories unfold.

The battle scenes are gory and brutal in their realism, you can feel yourself wince at times, they are however not just there to glorify the story but to remind us as to what was at stake and of the times in which the book is set.

The book is not technical history lesson, but a lesson in the way history can be brought to all, told in such an interesting and informative manner, but above all entertaining

This is a book which does not disappoint, I would also say that the way the book is written you don’t just have to be a fan of historical fiction to enjoy this, it will appeal to anyone who likes an epic story well told

Two master storytellers doing what they do best in bringing history and Ancient Rome to life

The book grips from the opening pages and such are the chapters that you just keep thinking one more, it is difficult to put down

Would highly recommend


About the Authors:

Gordon Doherty is a Scottish author addicted to reading and writing historical fiction, he has written tales of the later Roman Empire, Byzantium, classical Greece and the Bronze Age. His works include the Legionary Strategos and Empires of Bronze series

Simon Turney hails from Yorkshire, having spent much of his childhood visiting historic sites, he fell in love with the Roman heritage of the region. His works include the Marius Mules and Praetorian series as well as the Tales of the Empire and Damned Emperor series.

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