Betrayal by David Gilman

Format: Hardback

Published by: Head of Zeus

Publication Date: 06 January 2022

An outstanding adrenaline fuelled thriller that will take the reader on a rollercoaster of a read, one of the best thrillers you will read


Someone’s trying to start a war. And Raglan’s just walked into the kill zone.

It has been many years since Dan Raglan served in the French Foreign Legion, but the bonds forged in adversity are unbreakable and when one of his comrades calls for help, Raglan is duty-bound to answer.

An ex-legionnaire, now an intelligence officer at the Pentagon, disappears. He leaves only this message: should he ever go missing, contact Raglan. But Raglan’s not the only one looking for the missing man. From the backstreets of Marseilles, Raglan finds himself following a trail of death that will lead him to Florida, to the camaraderie of a Vietnam vet in Washington D.C., and into the heart of a bitter battle in the upper echelons of the US intelligence community.

Pursued by both the CIA and a rogue female FBI agent, Raglan’s search will place him in the cross hairs of an altogether more lethal organisation. Tracking his old comrade, he finds himself in the midst of deadly conspiracy, and on a journey to a fatal confrontation deep in the Honduran rainforest.

My Thoughts:

Firstly many thank to the publisher for sending me a copy of the book and to Sophie Ransom for inviting me to be part of the blog tour.

This is second in the acclaimed series featuring Dan Raglan, the first being The Englishman which was a standout read in 2020, I hesitate to say that Betrayal is even better, it is a pulsating read, a book where you need to take in every word, where every action and decision taken is there to move the story forward, as you read you’re never quite sure which direction the story will take or what the outcome will be, this is where the writing excels

Spoiler Free: The plot is multi faceted, that takes Raglan from the streets of Marseilles to Florida, Washington and to Honduras.

Each stage in the story is thought out and constructed to take the reader on a journey and face the dangers which lie ahead, the writing is meticulous the detail and plotting off the scale

The premise of the book sets out to find a former colleague who has disappeared, but this only serves to uncover something much larger and sinister at the highest levels within the intelligence community, and this is where the writing excels is bringing together differing strands and combining them into one outstanding read

As you read the book you can see the research that must have been undertaken to ensure that the plot-line is plausible but then to deliver that on the page to give the reader a rollercoaster of a read

At times your never fully sure who is on whose side and which agencies are working together or against each other and you can see that this causes issues for Raglan

The whole plot-line just works the story moves seamlessly, the pace does not let up, the action scenes are written with a level of believability where you can sense and feel every punch thrown, every hit taken, it is like a well choreographed play, yes there is a degree of violence and Raglan is not a person to think twice his eyes are on the prize.

There is no let up in the story as a whole, the tension and drama ratchet up which all lead to an ending which is dramatic as it is action fuelled, in fact the whole passages set in Honduras is just a masterclass in suspense and in heightening the tension

For all that this is a thriller it would not work unless you had characters in which you as a reader can believe and here the author excels especially in Voss and FBI agent whose star is on a downward spiral, a person filled with self belief determined to be proved right whatever the cost, she more than proves to be an able foil for Raglan with a mutual respect. Raglan as a character is in someways unique from your standard action hero, comes across to me as principled, bound by duty and loyalty to those around him, however one who does not hesitate to take a life, kill or be killed, a man who seeks to see justice served

The book as a thriller works on many levels, however, one thing which makes this stand out is that is not really a story about Raglan as a person but the desire to help a former colleague and to see justice served. Raglan is not concerned as such for himself but looks out for those around him which gives a different element to some other thrillers

It is not an all out action thriller but led by the plot, each stage carefully thought out a story that thanks to the authors writing gets under the skin and stays with you, a sublime read

David Gilman is an author that knows how to build the tension and leave the reader gasping for breath, let yourself just be immersed in the story

I have no hesitation in saying that this will be one of the standout reads and one of the best thrillers of 2022. This is why I read

Highly recommend 5*

About the Author:

David Gilman enjoyed many careers – including firefighter, paratrooper and photographer – before turning to writing full time. He is an award-winning author and screenwriter.

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