The Chosen Ones by Howard Linskey

89A73E3B-305C-48CF-8A10-827085FBF7E3.jpegEva isn’t the first young woman to disappear. Detective Ian Bradshaw has no leads and precious little time.

Howard Linskey is at the forefront of todays crime writers, delivers every time.

Format: Paperback.                                 Published by: Penguin Random House

Eva Dunbar is being held underground, trapped with nowhere to go and no hope of escape, however, she is not the only woman to have disappeared, then a body is discovered. Enter DS Bradshaw called upon to investigate the at first random disappearance of these woman, due to a shortage of manpower he is able to call upon local investigative journalists Helen and Tom for help. No story spoilers read the book to reach the dramatic ending.

There is a wonderful interplay and strong dynamic between the three, born of a friendship and respect, they make for a great team, which comes across strongly on the pages,and gives the book that authentic feel essential in a police procedural. As an aside Tom is contacted by a former girlfriend who is being blackmailed thus causing conflict with his current girlfriend.

I particularly like the fact that they are set in the nineties, so having none of the advantages of today’s modern technology

The author has a style and knack for keeping the tension and pace high in a cleverly crafted and conceived story that plays upon some of our darkest fears, chills and suspense a plenty 

There are some wonderfully written tense and chilling scenes involving Eva and the anguish and turmoil she goes through.

I found myself drawn in from the dramatic opening pages, the writing is such that you are forced to keep reading, the pace and action spot on, strong characters with a compelling storyline to match, at times your heart is in your mouth.

When writing a police procedural you have to make the story and characters believable this the author does thanks in part to quality of the writing and also a real sense of place with the setting in the North East.

Why have the women been chosen, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

This is an absorbing killer of a read, cannot recommend this enough.

I have read all of Howard Linskeys books and have to admit to having thoroughly enjoyed all, always guaranteed to deliver a crackerjack of a read, one of the best writers around.

This is the fourth in what’s has been a highly entertaining series and for me the best so far.


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